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The European Social Fund in Romania, 2007-2013

The European Social Fund in Romania, 2007-2013
Romania’s ESF Operational Programmes take a robust approach to the country’s complex economic and social challenges, aiming to bring education and training, including doctoral studies and more university research activities, into line with labour market requirements at all levels. ESF funding will also help the workforce to adapt to changing economic conditions, increase labour market participation for all, and substantially modernise public administration.
Romania’s ESF Operational Programmes
adopt a two-handed approach in order to tackle the challenges the country faces. The first OP is entitled Human Resources Development and is dedicated to making the most of the Romanian workforce. The second one, Administrative Capacity Development, is designed to improve the public policy and service infrastructure in order to realise the Human Resources Development objectives.Contact information

Managing Authority for the Sectoral Operational Programme
Human Resources Development Calea Plevnei no. 46 - 48
sector 1 Bucharest, Roumanie
Tél. : +40 21 315 02 09
Fax : + 40 21 315 02 06
E-mail :

Managing Authority for the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity Development
Piata Revolutiei nr.1 A,
sector 1 Bucharest, Roumanie
Tél. : +40 21 310 40 60
Fax : +40 21 310 40 61
E-mail : (Fonduri europene); (Fonduri Structurale)

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1. RoFrancize (16.02 - 18.02)
International franchise trade show – 3rd edition
- co-organizers: CHR Consulting S.R.L., ROMEXPO S.A. in collaboration with A.R.F.R* and C.C.I.B*.
2. DENTA (28.02 – 03.03)
International exhibition of equipment, instruments, accessories, materials, chemical-pharmaceutical products for dentistry; oral care products - 17th edition
- organizer: ROMEXPO S.A.
3. BITME (14.03 – 17.03)
International exhibition of equipment and technologies for the textile and leatherwear industries - 10th edition
- co-organizers: ROMEXPO S.A., Friedrich Wilhelm GmbH & Co.KG - Austria
4. MODEXPO (15.03 – 18.03)
International exhibition of textiles, ready-made clothes, leather goods, furs, footwear and leatherwear - 11th edition
- organizer: ROMEXPO S.A.
5. CONSTRUCT EXPO-UTILAJE (21.03 – 25.03)
International exhibition for construction machinery – 1st edition
- organizer: ROMEXPO S.A.
6. TNT - The National Tourism Fair (29.03 – 01.04) –16th edition
- organizer: ROMEXPO S.A. together with ANAT, FPTR, FIHR , ANTREC, OPTBR*, under the patronage of the Ministry of Transport, Constructions and Tourism – The Tourism National Authority

Constitute a company in Romania

Constitute a company in Romania

To begin a business, reverse or create a subsidiary of his business in Romania is necessary to constitute a company was with mixed capital – in the case that have a rumanian partner – or with foreign capital, in the case that you It goes to be the owner and the administrator of the company. The present article presents the necessary documents and the steps to follow, to constitute a company in Romania:
The document of constitution of the company
The certificate of the reservation of the name of the company
Notarial statements
Documents that check the existence of the physical space stop calm it social and the postal address of the company
Account for the social capital
You price
Photocopies of the passports of the members associated and of the administrator of the company.
Other documents and steps to follow – the creation of the company can do well being the partners and the administrators in Romania or well to distance, before a notary of his country of origin. In the second marry, the documents have to translate to the rumanian and legalize in Romania, using for this the services of a lawyer apoderado. In any case, advised that they reserve sufficient time between the moment in that they initiate transact them of constitution of the company and the moment in which think begin do businesses.
The constitution of a company in Romania is a quite simple process and the laws and reglamentaciones in vigour facilitate the creation of a company by part of foreign citizens.